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A dozen years ago, Robert (Bob) Anderson heard about genetically engineered crops being planted, largely in the US, but also in Canada and South America.  Applications for Approval were proposed for New Zealand.  Research suggested such transgenic crops were not the panacea developers and proponents claimed.  This set Bob and his wife, Jean, on a journey that became a passion:  exhausting and exhilarating, and everything in between.  It brought them many wonderful friendships, one of which was the new husband of their dear friend, Pauline.  Colin Addison had worked in the alternative health sector since the 1980s and did not need the dots connected to see the fuller picture.  He and Pauline gave continuous support to Bob and Jean.   
It is a fact that the combined efforts of many New Zealanders has restricted the planting of transgenic crops to confined facilities (onions and brassicas) and to defined areas (trees), and also restricted the number of genetically engineered foods and food additives approved for use in New Zealand.  New Zealand has approved the use of transgenic horse influenza vaccines should the need for them arise, and pig DNA is being experimented with as part of a drug for diabetes.  A proposed introduction is transgenic perennial ryegrass, currently being developed in Australia, and possibly other pasture grasses in the future.  Experiments on animals to produce, for example, pharmaceutical products, are well into a second decade with questionable results.  Experiments in other areas continue in laboratory confinement.  There remains strong opposition to the applications of genetic engineering in New Zealand, among scientists and medical professionals, and the public.
It is impossible to tackle one issue without others overlapping or leading to more.  For example, nanotechnology, synthetic biology and geo-engineering followed from genetic engineering.  Bob spoke and wrote about irradiated foods, electromagnetic radiation, climate change and peak oil.  Not one to sit idle, he also tackled environmental, health and social justice issues, and what may be covered by the question, Why are we here?
From its inception, Bob was a Trustee of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics; since 2008 known as Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility,  He authored The Final Pollution:  Genetic Apocalypse, an overview of genetic engineering and its implications, and The Ultimate War Crime, looking at the effects on people and the environment of using depleted uranium in weapons of war.  At the public’s request, he wrote the Exploding the Myth of series, which includes Genetic Engineering, Irradiated Foods, Electromagnetic Radiation, Nanotechnology and Peak OilExploding the Myth of Vaccination and Fluoridation and Amalgam were written with Michael Godfrey MBBS, Medical Director of the Bay of Plenty Environmental Health Clinic.  His final book was a scientific look at death and the survival of the human personality; You can’t die for the life of you!
Sadly, Pauline died in 2005 and Bob in 2008.  Jean continues the work she and Bob did together, and in 2009 Colin’s business, The Blase Company, offered to sponsor a web site as a vehicle for the work of Bob and others speaking truth to power.  Thus CONNECTED was born.
Pauline Addison - 25 May 1940 to 3 September 2005
Robert Anderson - 4 February 1942 to 5 December 2008
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Robert Anderson Bio

Prior to taking his degree, Robert (Bob) Anderson worked at the University of Birmingham, England, as a research technician in the Department of Biochemistry, under Dr John Teal from the University of Cambridge, studying fluorescence of proteins in neutral solution.  He also worked under Professor Brian Perry from the University of Cambridge, investigating the actin/myosin relationship in muscle protein.  In 1967, Bob gained a combined honours degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Aston in Birmingham, in 1968 a Diploma in Education from the University of Southampton and, much later in life, a PhD in Science Education after a career in teaching. 

Bob and his wife, Jean, emigrated to New Zealand in October 1968, where Bob taught Chemistry, Physics, Laboratory Technology and Nuclear Medicine at tertiary level for two decades.

In retirement, Bob gave public lectures on genetic engineering, other scientific and environmental issues, and issues of social justice and human rights, in support of the public’s right to be independently informed.  He authored eleven books, including two co-authored with Dr Mike Godfrey, Director of the Bay of Plenty Environmental Health Clinic, Tauranga, New Zealand.  He contributed regularly to New Zealand periodicals.
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Jean Anderson Bio

Jean's career has included teaching at tertiary level, owning and operating a business, and she is a published author.  In retirement, Jean is Coordinator for and a Trustee of 
Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility (

Colin Addison Bio

Colin's career has focused on business management in a range of industries.  From the 1980s, he ran his own business in the alternative health field, The Blase Company which sponsored this web site.  The sponsorship has now passed to Nature's Star NZ Limited (