The public lectures given by Robert Anderson are offered gratis, with thanks to those people who allowed their material to be used.  If you wish to use the material, please acknowledge your source and continue to use Bob’s work without charge in the interests of the public’s right to be independently informed.
If you would like to recognize his input, I ask you to consider donating to PSGR (1), Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa/New Zealand (2),  or Amnesty International (3) or any movement of your choice working towards equality and social justice, disarmament and peace.  Every donation helps.
Bob was a Quaker and lived by the tenets of his faith. He opposed violence between people and nations, to other species and to our planet. He believed that true peace cannot be dictated; it can only be built on equality, social justice, respect, and co-operation between all peoples. He was passionate about the welfare of all beings, regardless of race or religion, with a special caring for women and children, and about the welfare of the world his generation would leave behind.  He brought this passion and his experience as a teacher to his tireless work to better that world, speaking Truth to Power.
Jean Anderson, August 2009
New Zealand only:  enquiries about Robert Anderson’s books may be addressed to