You Are Thought
© Colin W Addison

In times like this, we ask ourselves, both as humanity and individuals, what on earth we have done to deserve such agony over such a protracted period. In former times, we would hafve accepted this as 'The Wrath of God' b ut this is not in accord with Ancient Wisdom. Even in the presents of skilled healers and many people of great talents and learning, relief from paid, suffering and disease is slow in coming.

Three special quotes apply today even more than in yesteryears: As a man thinketh, so he is; As above, so below; and In My Father’s house there are many mansions. All three quotes can vibrate comfortably with us all.

Naturally, clues and little keys appear in our lives by which we find our lost pathway or unlock snippets of Truth; for all of us with ears to hear and eyes to see. The recent lecture by Dr R G Anderson entitled, “The Holographic Universe or Are We Just a Computer Projection?1 is an example. The suggestion is that the points Dr Anderson makes in this and his earlier talk on Nanotechnology are inextricably intertwined with these three special quotes.

All are familiar with the illustration of ‘onion skins’ to portray layers of accumulated pain and imbalance in each life. Practitioners attend to these ‘layers’ on physical, mental and emotional levels. A fourth ‘layer’ may exist on the spiritual level and influence the individual even more significantly. This is the first assumption readers are asked to make as this hypothesis ranges down The Ages, The Ancient Wisdom, to Modernity and the Havoc Theory.

Our natural home is Spirit. The Church in its baptism service says “...bring this child into the world…” and at a funeral “[We] farewell so-and-so on his journey…”; the logic being that if we are coming in and going out then we don’t belong here in the first place. This world as we know it is our ‘preschool’ place of very basic learning; such basics as ‘opposites’, hot vs cold, male vs female, anger vs tranquility, etc., with the ultimate objective of reconciling the male and female ‘duality’ within us to the ‘Oneness’ that is our natural status as “Sons (or sparks) of God”… Although created for us, it is evolving according to our individual and collective ‘projections’ (or thoughts), just as we individually develop by our thoughts. The Biblical “As a man thinketh so he is…” was only the more recent of similar quotations down through Time. Spirit reminds us time and time again how important, and dangerous, our thoughts are, not only to ourselves but to those towards whom they are directed.

The point here is that our Thoughts determine personal identity and, for the point of this discussion, our personal world in which we live as a very different world from anyone else’s. Simply, how one of us sees something is not the same as somebody else; for example, do you see the same colour ‘green’ as someone else?

We know from Spirit that a soul crossing over accesses an environment most suited to that individual, perhaps after a short stay in ‘hospital’ if need be. So logically there are many ‘environments’ or ‘dimensions’ or ‘layers’ in our Spirit Home. A bricklayer may continue laying bricks for as long as desired or a professor can teach or study at university, both doing so until their personal growth enables them to ’move up’ to the next level in the long process towards perfection. So, too, there are many ‘environments’ here on Earth. Each one of us deliberately, consciously or unknowingly, ‘selects’ the dimension which may or may not be suited to the individual soul. Karma may actively contribute to this ‘decision’, but the gift of Free Will enables us all to change that whenever we wish to do so. We are free to make our life-changing, life-saving or life-curtailing decisions. Spirit (and Scripture) constantly encourages us to “Keep our focus high”, concentrate on the higher aspirations of Human Kind, learning what Unconditional Love means to us both individually and collectively.

This hypothesis suggests that if we accept we dwell here on Earth within many dimensions then it is not too far to conclude that vibrations and dimensions mean the same. As our individual cells vibrate in tune to a specific set of vibrations then so does the whole body, as does the whole of humanity, as does the whole world. Our individual ‘vibration’ or ‘environment’ or ‘attunement’ may be out of balance which is the true meaning of ‘dis-ease’. Correction is not medical or surgical, it is Within; within our individual capability (if only we knew how to use it!) to fix our Within, our body ‘Temple’ as it is so frequently referred to in arcane literature.

People of great knowledge claim there is no cure for cancer. The ‘manifestations of cancer’ may be tumours that can be surgically removed, but they represent only the ‘fruit on the vine’ so, to be effective, the treatment must surely be to remove that vine, the cause. A personal search for cures and remedies for “layers and varieties of illness” may prove as fruitless as plucking the fruit off that vine when the solution is to deal with the vine itself. How many years and at what cost has your search continued? Is it possible it will continue as you reveal yet another layer, yet another “culprit”?

Could there possibly be an easier more effective ‘solution to such agony and suffering? The solution may be obvious, but we overlook its truth to our detriment. Being ‘blind to the truth’ is not a new concept! The cause is the ‘dis-ease’ within each of us that stems from our discordant position relative to our true status, which should be known within our personal blueprints and so accessible. Think of The Universe as a harmonious choir but your voice is the discordant one to your detriment. You have to retune to the choir, not the choir to you. Nanotechnology states that minute particles can communicate with other irrespective of distance. Twenty years ago, a paper stated that bacteria were capable of communication, as were higher life forms such as rats, fish and birds. Is it so far-fetched as to assume our collective thoughts contribute to the whole?

One who knew the answers to these questions could rule the world! Dare we believe that we as individuals can determine our own true pathway and, as we are told constantly by Spirit, by “looking within”? We may have meditated for decades but totally unsuccessfully. We may have had a degree of success with diet and therapies. We may, through all this, have totally neglected the ‘Within’ which is highly personal to each one. An unusual aspect of ‘Glamour’ (in the sense of The Ancient Wisdom) can make people ‘happy’ by being sad or ill: the same mindset that confines someone to a wheelchair because as a handicapped person he is ‘special’ while if he were not obvious in his chair he would be a nonentity.

Holistic Medicine always concerns the Whole Self – body, mind and spirit. This must surely be true. We are ‘Sons of God’ whatever our status here on Earth and most certainly we will all return “to The Father” in our own good time as we progress through our ‘exams’. So our focus may best be directed to our ‘Within’ in whatever manner each one of us finds is most effective. Meditation (also called prayer) may prove to be the most potent tool in ‘calling up’ our innate wisdom. Perhaps, too, the concept of meeting in small groups, a ‘coffee morning perhaps, for ‘general random discussions’ may be another tool by which Spirit may Inspire us to seek then find the answers we so desperately need on so many topics of universal concern. But there is no point in leaping into a river to save a drowning person if the would-be rescuer cannot swim. So, prior to ‘saving the planet’, surely we must all delve within to not only heal our own imperfections but also connect to the ‘connected consciousness’ which itself, by one and by millions, constructs what we call our Environment.

Of course, we all say “I’ve tried that without success.” That doesn’t mean the solution doesn’t exist but rather that we have failed to find it Within. The trick, as with any puzzle is to find the solution. The key is to diligently seek within and, as a constant plea, ask Spirit for help. “Ask and it shall be granted; seek and ye shall find; knock and the door will be opened unto you.” One’s personal Guides are there for you. They may not be the same as have been with you in the past as their roles change in accord with your needs. Your Intent (to make yourself well) is the first step and as you dwell on that ‘projection’ it will be acted upon by your ‘Personal Advisers’. Perhaps the greater tenet of Faith is summed up in “As above so below” even though our dwelling place may be a holographic reproduction of our true Home in Spirit.

We can all ingest all sorts of pills potions regimes at enormous cost but only fleeting effectiveness. We as individuals have to ‘Stop The World’ for as long as each one needs to focus on what you view as your Inner Self. Find that secret place and then ask your ‘Advisers’ for the help needed. Do not limit their effectiveness by generating your own thoughts as to who they may be. Sure it is popular to have a great Indian Chief as a guide but in fact it may not be. Nor the others called in to help specifically at your request. An open mind achieves far more than one firmly closed! A busy mind - as Satha Sai Baba calls it, “Monkey Mind” - destroys any expectation of communicating with those in the very best positions to help us both individually and collectively.

One major ‘command’ thus far overlooked is “Focus on the Positive”! The more we dwell on The Positive the higher we rise through our thought-imposed ‘vibrations’ (or dimensions) to the level where our hopes and aspirations can really be attained, along with vibrant health, a description more apt than we have ever appreciated.

Miraculous and instantaneous results cannot realistically be anticipated. Time may be needed for ‘repairs’ to filter down through the individual layers to those denser at which we operate. But if our thoughts focus on higher elements, the logic is for benefits to accrue. Such benefits may not be what we expect as of right but will be provided in our individual best interests.

The ‘last word’ may best be left to Lord Buddha: “All that you are is all that you have thought”.

© Colin W Addison
20 September 2007