Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and Vitamin C
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As a doctor friend of mine said, with reference to cardio vascular disease, “The medical fraternity should hang its head in shame.”  He was right.  The arguments over this number-one killer have raged for years.  From cholesterol levels and smoking, to almost bizarre reasons have been proposed as the source of this scourge.  Not until the genius of Professor Linus Pauling was applied to the problem did the light come on.  Pauling and cardiac surgeon, Dr Matheus Rath, proposed that CVD presented as a special kind of scurvy.  It was no more than that. 
The arteries supplying the heart with blood are the most active “pipes” in our body so they are the ones that crack first.  As Dr Rath said, “It’s like jumping on your garden hose 80 times a minute.”  The inflammation in these “blood pipes” increases, and cracks (lesions) begin to form; the primary cause being ascorbate deficiency leading to the deposition of lipoprotein(a) and fibrin in the walls of the artery.
Without sufficient Vitamin C*, not only the delicate lining of the artery (the endothelium) suffers, but the body is unable to produce sufficient collagen, the “glue” holding our bodies together.  Providing an alternative, the body’s plumber is forced to use an inferior repair material, a complex biochemical “plaster of Paris” made up of the dense (bad) form of LDL cholesterol and lipoprotein(a).[i]  The gradual build-up of this blocks the arterial system and the heart begins to scream for blood and oxygen; angina, elephant-on-the-chest, etc.[ii]  We then have plaques forming.  The smaller ones can even rupture causing blood to clot in the artery, blocking it and resulting in sudden death.
So what should the solution to this killer be? 
Almost every animal produces vitamin C.  A goat, for example, makes around 13 grams a day.  But we humans do not naturally produce Vitamin C, even though we need a lot of it.  Pauling took 18 grams every day until the day he died at an active 92 years old; lecturing almost to the end.  He and Dr Rath left an invaluable legacy in their formulated CVD support medicine.[iii]  Not only does this prevent arterial inflammation occurring, but for those unfortunate enough to have suffered a heart attack (myocardial infarction), it could slowly replace the crude “plaster” blockages with correctly repaired endothelium and collagen.[iv]  Today, this mixture is routinely used by surgeons for dipping transplant organs in prior to insertion in a patient. Why?  To dissolve any plaque present.  They were even granted a patent for this.[v]
So why did my doctor friend make the comment he did?  Because this knowledge was made freely available.  Even so, Medline and others do not reference the information.  To get the full story, we need to go to Dr Paulings website (  To some degree, of course, we know why this kind of information is censored.  While the medical profession and giant Pharma rake in billions of dollars from by-pass operations and drugs, such a simple procedure would be an anathema.  The total bill for such procedures is over US$50 billion a year.  Further, these surgical solutions often block and/or fail.  They provide what is essentially “palliative” cardiology.[vi]  As Dr Julian Whitaker said, “…the heart surgery industry is a fraud.”  The aim should be to prevent and reverse CVD. 
The following information should be provided by standard blood tests.  Studies have found that total serum cholesterol should be maintained at 3.8.  Contrary to fears, research shows that this is not dangerous and a Lancet study verifies the fact.[vii]  This can be maintained by adhering to a strict vegan diet without added cooking oils, including plenty of greens and salads.  The research shows that the second item to examine is not the usual CTotal /HDL but the TG/HDL ratio, and it should be no greater than 2.  This indicates the level of dense LDL (not the harmless fluffy form), and both the shortages of vitamin C and the subsequent danger of impending cardiac events.  If a ratio is 2 or less, studies recommend taking 4 capsules of *pharmaceutical grade Omega3 Fish Oil.  If it is over 2, it is recommended taking 6 – 8 capsules of oil per day for one month, after which returning to 4.  The same quantities go for Dr Pauling’s “medicine” containing the components recommended for removal of the plaques.  Taking a baby aspirin a day together with the fish oil, has been shown to reduce arterial inflammation and dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack caused by a plaque rupture.
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Robert Anderson BSc (Hons) PhD
4 February 1942 to 5 December 2008
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Robert Anderson BSc (Hons), PhD (4 February 1942 to 8 December 2008)
Robert Anderson was a Trustee of Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics (now Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility) He authored The Final Pollution: Genetic Apocalypse, Exploding the Myth of Genetic Engineering and several other publications on environmental, health and social justice issues.
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